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We're Brothers Now, the bite is a gift.

Eventually settling in a small town in Northern California, this family used their wealth the rebuild the community around them while remaining isolated from it. This was sometimes more a choice than a necessity as not all of their children would become werewolves. The ones that did, these born wolves, had to be trained.  They needed to learn control. They had a practice from the training of Betas. The tradition passed out through generations, nd involved the use of a sacred object called a Triskelion.”

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Maisie Williams & Natalie Dormer during the ‘Women Who Kick Ass’ Panel (x)

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these pages need more likes

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all i can see is little 7 year old scott and stiles on halloween with their bags of candy

stiles saying ill trade you my m&ms for your reese’s

and scott saying you can just have them cause you’re my best friend

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you  w i n  or  you  d i e 

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Me: So you’re telling attendance isn’t needed to pass this class

Professor: Well I guess you could just email me every assignment and final and pass

Me: You dun fucked up bruh

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use this picture of Dylan Sprayberry to answer to stupid or rude comments


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Can you tell I’m excited for Draeden!?

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The Pack + Social Media mourning Allison

(others in the series)

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this is literally what it’s like to be 21

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Sophie couldn’t help it.

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