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make me choose → tommy merlyn or oliver queen? (asked by ladymalfoi)

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"Out there’s the Maze," Newt whispered, eyes wide as if in a trance. "Everything we do - our whole life, Greenie - revolves around the Maze. Every lovin’ second of every lovin’ day we spend in honor of the Maze, tryin’ to solve somethin’ that’s not shown us it has a bloody solution, ya know? And we want to show ya why it’s not to be messed with. Show ya why them buggin’ walls close shut every night. Show ya why you should never, never find your butt out there."

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Best of Cameron & Mitchell

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Anonymous asked: Why would you fuck Adam sandler




it was on my bucket list 

Does the ‘was’ entail you already have?


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We Are Not Looking Forward to Summer Without You, Broad City


We Are Not Looking Forward to Summer Without You, Broad City

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please do not be mean to dogs they are only trying to help

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malice at the palace is definitely the most historic and swagged out moment in world history

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I was sitting around a hotel and I was like: ‘Yo man, there’s a midnight screening. This is my first Marvel movie, Ima go say what’s up to people!

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mcu meme - 4/8 characters;  sam wilson.

Captain America needs my help. There’s no better reason to get back in.

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